New project - AS2R (April's fools)

After a lot of careful deliberation and internal squabbling, we are excited to finally announce Another Sonic 2 Remake!

The blue blur has returned for his second adventure again!
Sonic 2 was special to many people, and we have a soft spot for the second part of a bangin’ series. We are using all of our development and production experience to craft a rad remake of an awesome game. Now, our experience revolves around isolation and exploration in Metroidvania adventures. Some elements that we think Sonic should have explored in his glory days. It’s the time to revisit Planet Mobius the way it was supposed to.

Expect ever more zones by the time AS2R reaches a home console near you.

Gain new abilities and allies, who will help you reach new zones. Find the super secretly hidden Chaos Emeralds to unleash Sonic’s ultimate power. With abilities, items, and powerups from modern Sonic games (and the classics) you’ll make Dr. Robotnik cry like a Metroid fan at E3.

Everyone’s favourite abilities all …


Here's an album I compiled, with music that ended up in AM2R, and some tracks that didn't make it into the game. I remastered every track, and some songs sound a lot better with minor changes.
These tracks were going to be a part of the 1.2 update, but now you can enjoy them.


MP3 - MediaFire - Mega
FLAC - MediaFire - Mega

Also, it includes a bonus track from Falcool, the awesome composer who did the Area 5 songs.

Thank you very much for following this project.

No future for AM2R

Nintendo of America, Inc. has filed a takedown request under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). I received the request on my personal email, so I'm complying with their requests.
There will be no more AM2R updates, and no more releases under any platform. 
Thank you for the support during all these years.

The future of AM2R

As you may know already, AM2R received DMCA notices in all the download hosts, and some parts of this blog. So far, no C&D letter was received. 
This project began a long time ago, while I was actually trying to learn the programming side of Game Maker. Instead of moving on with something else, when I learned a better way of doing something, I reiterated and improved the old code.
Eventually, I learned to program in C#. Now I'm making a living as a professional programmer thanks to what I learned developing a fan game.  Technically speaking, I'm satisfied.
Artists started offering help. First with the main enemies, then with sprites, enemies, bosses.
The forums started to come alive with fans making feature suggestions, and always being positive and optimistic about the project. I added new contents, trying to be respectful about the established lore. Demo after demo people liked the game. Then the game was out, and for a brief time, players enjoyed the game they were expec…

The last stretch

I know we'll make it in time. See you then.
EDIT: Project AM2R now has its own Twitter Account. Stay up to date with the latest news, anticipating the release.

Countdown Clock

Balance and polish

As always, every time a new boss is added to the game, it ends up being too difficult for the average player after some playtesting. The Queen was no exception, even if she's not completely finished.
So, I'm taking some extra time to balance her, including how the attack types are distributed, and how the player can replenish resources during the fight.

Besides that, there was an overall revision of many details on all the areas. Some of the tilework that hinted at hidden areas without actually having anything there was changed. The last couple of items was added, some of them having dedicated rooms with small puzzles.
Log entries were updated to their latest revision, and the map data is pretty much finished.

We're getting closer to a complete game, and I appreciate that you followed the process all this time.

The Queen

Music production is, for the most part, done. There's just a couple songs left to polish, likely to be finihsed during the week.

Now the production is being focused on the Metroid Queen. It's proving to be a very interesting process. I was able to make a nice looking animation cycle for its legs, using the knowledge I gained while developing the other Metroids. It doesn't look as static and robotic as it used to.

The Queen has its original Metroid 2 attacks, and I'm experimenting with some new ones. The thing is, the limited space Samus has to move around the room also limits the variety of new attacks I can add without feeling cheap and frustrating to avoid.
Unfortunately, I can't fill the screen with projectiles.
So, new attacks need to be mostly timing based, making them fairly easy to predict when you learn them, but also making the fight feel predictable and formulaic.

While the Queen fight works right now, it's going to take a bit of experimentation to ma…